Our Guest: Kace Phillips, Partner at RBA

In this episode, Kace Phillips shares his journey from studying creative writing to starting an advertising and marketing agency, RBA, with a variety of creative jobs in between. Kace shares about his voiceover side hustle, the importance of company culture, and being intentional in business.

Conversation Highlights

  • The difference between an amateur and professional voice acting
  • Figuring out his place in the world: Kace shares how he developed an agency from his interest in creative writing
  • The impact an award can do on morale and company culture
  • How to build a great company culture

Key Podcast Moments

  • [01:37] Roundtable Discussion: The beginning of Kace’s voiceover side hustle
  • [04:53] Roundtable Discussion: The difference between an amateur and professional voice actor
  • [07:35] Kace’s emergence into the branding and advertising industry
  • [12:24] Starting the RocketBrand agency
  • [14:25] Workplace culture: The meaning behind their Ad Age award
  • [18:44] What changed in the company’s sales and marketing after receiving the award?
  • [21:20] The award’s impact on morale and company culture
  • [23:37] A general rule of thumb regarding building company culture

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “Our mission here at RBA is to help good people do great things and culture is a huge part of what we set out to do.”
  • “Culture is something that happens whether you’re intentional about it or not.”
  • “We want to find people from different backgrounds and different upbringings and when you get those different ideas together, that’s really when great work happens.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Kace Phillips is a creative copywriter from Dallas, Texas who has worked at an experiential advertising agency, a startup music company, and even started his own app development company. He is currently a Partner at RBA and a voice actor.

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