Our Guest: Karl Sakas, Agency Consultant at Sakas and Company

You’ve heard that marketing agencies experience growing pains as they scale, but what if they don’t have to?

In this episode, agency consultant and coach Karl Sakas gets into the logistics of balancing revenue and clients as your agency scales from one person to a lot more. Karl took the time to discuss profit leaks, keeping track of your money, and hiring the right people to build the right company.

Conversation Highlights

  • Roundtable Discussion: Travel & entrepreneurship
  • Worker engagement and criticism
  • How to tell if your agency is springing a profit leak
  • How to balance clients, time, and revenue?
  • Do you need to track your time?
  • The difference between providing your services strategically free vs secretly free
  • What if you’re a one-person agency?
  • What activities should you be focusing on to grow your business?

Key Podcast Moments

  • [2:00] Roundtable Discussion: Travel
  • [7:36] Starting in business early..from elementary school onward
  • [15:00] The top 3 agency mistakes
  • [19:00] How do you know if you have too many clients?

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “I volunteer as a bartender on a 1930’s railroad car.”
  • “I have been a consultant since high school.”
  • “I learned HTML back in the days of dialup”
  • “In elementary school…[I was] helping with tenant turnover cleanout. Should I have been doing that in elementary school?’
  • “Your team cannot read your mind.”
  • “There was one point…where one of the clients had cut their retainer significantly, but no one told the delivery team.”
  • “Your target client today might be one of your smallest clients in 3 years.”

Resources Mentioned

How to Win Friends and Influence People

About Our Guest

Karl Sakas is a fourth-generation business person who serves as the agency consultant and executive coach at Saks and Company. He is also a bartender on a 1930’s railroad car

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