Our Guest: Kasim Aslam, Founder & CEO at Solutions 8

In this episode, Kasim Aslam shares how he went from broke, Jack-of-all-trades agency owner to running the number one Google Ads agency on the planet. He also explains the vital importance of niching down, how to find the right business partner, how to nail your systems and processes, and how to train your team (and yourself) to maintain the discipline needed to stick to those processes.

Conversation Highlights

  • The cost of spreading your services too thin as an agency
  • How your business partner should complement your personality and strengths
  • Automating your business processes
  • How to really make a million dollars in business

Key Podcast Moments

  • [02:08] Roundtable Discussion: Kasim’s distant relation to Thomas Jefferson
  • [05:15] Roundtable Discussion: Why Kasim isn’t a big admirer of his famous ancestor
  • [07:46] Roundtable Discussion: “We’re all victims of our experiences. Nobody can eliminate prejudice. Only recognize it.”
  • [09:36] About Solutions 8 and Kasim’s early days building the business
  • [12:25] Why agency owners have to niche down
  • [14:12] Deconstructing the business model after realizing that its offerings were spread too thin
  • [16:45] Traits and skills that Kasim looked for in his ideal business partner
  • [20:18] Processes that helped Solutions 8 become the number one Google Ads agency
  • [24:02] How to get the whole team on the same page with regard to your process
  • [26:02] Maintaining the discipline to standardize your process
  • [29:40] What it really means to “make a million dollars”
  • [32:02] How to connect with Kasim + The perfect person to reach out to him today

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “My big advice to every agency out there—and you’re going to hear this from everybody and you’re going to be repelled by it, and then years later you’re going to do what I did and finally take the advice and thank goodness that you did—you have to niche down.”
  • “Your business needs to run the way a nuclear submarine does where you’ve got a manual for literally everything because the stakes are pretty darn high.”
  • “Don’t let your business and your automation—your processes—be at the mercy of a software tool. Instead, make the process a priority. You’re using the software to support the process as you go along.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Kasim founded the number one ranked Google Ads agency in the country and has helped hundreds of organizations grow and scale.

He is also the Co-Founder and CMO at Nido Marketing, an online community designed to help Montessori schools grow. He was also hand-selected by the executive staff at DigitalMarketer as one of four coaches for their ELITE Growth Accelerator program.

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