Our Guest: Mandi Ellefson, from a Hands-tied CEO to a Hands-off CEO

It’s the dream of every CEO to run a business that has little or no reliance on them, but the reality on the ground is most CEOs are like the engines that run their businesses. They have to be there for the business to run.

In today’s episode, we have Mandi Ellefson on board. She has successfully gone through the process of transitioning from a hands-tied CEO to a hands-off CEO. She shares her journey with us. Also, she shares some nuggets of wisdom on how you can get your business to a level of not needing you so much.

Conversation Highlights:

  • The roundtable: Mandi’s crazy passion for ceramics
  • Where Mandi got her entrepreneurial spirit from
  • Who is a hands-off CEO?
  • Mandi’s transition from a hands-tied CEO to a hands-off CEO
  • Common problems businesses go through
  • What does it take for us to create the very best results for clients?
  • An example of how Mandi helps clients

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [01:43]: The roundtable discussion: Mandi’s great love for ceramics
  • [05:30]: Where did Mandi get her entrepreneurial spirit from?
  • [07:38]: Who is a hands-off CEO, and how can one become a hands-off CEO?
  • [09:21]: How Mandi became a hands-off CEO
  • [13:37]: Three core problems that businesses go through and how to solve them
  • [18:27]: How to completely transform a business and how much you can charge
  • [19:17]: What holds clients back from growth?
  • [25:59]: A real-life scenario of how Mandi helps clients
  • [28:36]: Mandi’s mentors

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

  • “If you don’t understand the risk points for your potential clients, then your clients won’t trust you because you won’t really understand it.”
  • “People that are afraid to buy marketing services because they don’t know if they’re going to work.”
  • “We have an industry that has a complete lack of integrity around bringing clients results.”
  • “When that the CEO is removed as the bottleneck to growth, not only could the company grow, but now the CEO has this freedom and flexibility to spend their time on whatever they want.”
  • “It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.”

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About our Guest

Mandi Ellefson is the CEO of Hands-off CEO. Her journey started when her business collapsed because she had to take a maternity leave.

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