Our Guest: Marcus Murphy, Executive Leader, Speaker and Head of Partnerships at the DigitalMarketer.

In this intriguing episode, Chris is joined by Marcus Murphy, the Head of Partnerships at the DigitalMarketer to discuss and share his journey from playing soccer to where he is today tasting the essence of success. Through his story Marcus shares how playing soccer helped him and gave him a competitive nature. Marcus will also widely speak of being creative when it comes to marketing.

Conversation Highlights:

  • How he gained his competitive nature through soccer
  • Consistent action of soccer
  • How meeting Ryan Deiss changed his life
  • Things helping agencies thrive to survive
  • Being creative when it comes to marketing
  • Traffic and Conversion

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [01.51] – “Roundtable Discussion”: How soccer gave Marcus his competitive nature
  • [04.14] – “Roundtable Discussion”: “What was one of the things that kept you connected to soccer?”
  • [07.48] – Marcus shares with the audience the path he took from soccer to where he is today
  • [11.19] – How meeting with Ryan Deiss changed Marcus’s life
  • [14.07] – “What is percolating at the DigitalMarketer headquarters right now?”
  • [17.33] – Things that are helping agencies thrive to survive in the current environment that we are living right now
  • [20.18] – Marcus shares as to how a group of people have figured out that virtual events are working while some others help clients in maintaining intimacy with their customers
  • [22.29] – Both Chris and Marcus share their thoughts on being creative when it comes to Marketing during this pandemic
  • [25.53] – “What happens if we are not able to do Traffic and Conversion this year?”
  • [29.27] – Marcus shares the best ways people can contact him
  • [29.46] – “Who would be the perfect person to reach out to you today?”

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest:

  • “If you are a speaker out there, anytime you watch another speaker you are highly critical.”
  • “The biggest thing agencies can do right now and the biggest prediction I have is to double down on community.”
  • “I think what we can really do now as agency owners is to jump in and start to really get involved with your peers, getting involved with community.”
  • “If small business is the backbone of our economy then the backbone’s backbone is the agency owner whose gonna come along those people.”

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About Our Guest:

From playing soccer to where he stands today, Marcus Murphy is an Executive Leader, Speaker and the Head of Development and Partnerships at the DigitalMarketer. Marcus has pioneered new and productive techniques that amplify the results of the traditional inside sales model.

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