Our Guest: Matt Plapp, Head of Driven Media Solutions and Head ROI Expert

In this episode, Matt Plapp talks about his transition from working as a boat dealer and radio advertising to a fast-moving and profitable marketing agency leveraging technology and advertising to help other businesses grow faster. Matt shares how he got into the SEO and lead gen business, his streamlined strategy for a massive volume of quality content, and why he wants to get hyper focused on a niche.

Conversation Highlights

  • Building a marketing agency with the help of Adobe PageMill
  • Problems with scaling and learning how to manage them
  • Hyper-focusing on a specific niche for smarter money
  • Matt’s strategy for MQC (Massive Quality Content)
  • Taking the long road to sustainable profits

Key Podcast Moments

  • [2:00] Roundtable Discussion: Working with family-How was business like working with your Dad?
  • [3:25] Roundtable Discussion: Working with family-How was business like working with your brother?
  • [8:15] The origin story of Matt’s agency
  • [11:00] How Matt learned the SEO game from scratch
  • [11:30] Were you nervous quoting your first client $1,000?
  • [17:00] What encouraged you to specialize?
  • [20:00] Matt’s approach to content
  • [22:00] Breakdown of Matt’s video strategy that helped him unleash 70+ videos in 2 weeks
  • [29:15] Leveling up your community with events

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “In order for me to be able to create the content that I wanted to create, I had to get really focused…”
  • “If I didn’t get that granular, I couldn’t have conversations that resonate.”
  • “I’m leaving deals on the table, but I’m planning better seats.”
  • “Nothing worth doing comes fast.”
  • “My dad used an analogy, ‘You can’t build a house on sand’…”
  • “A  lot of agencies are built off of ‘make money now quick’.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Matt Platt is a ROI expert, author, and speaker who leveraged his talent for entrepreneurship, experience in SEO and content marketing, and radio industry to build a fast-moving profitable agency. He is the Head ROI Expert and owner of Driven Media Solutions.He is also the creator of a marketing program, the ROI Engine.

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