Our Guest: Mikael Yan, CEO/Co-Founder at ManyChat

Joining Chris in this interesting episode is Mikael Yan, who the CEO/Co-Founder of ManyChat. Mikael shares with the audience about the life in Silicon Valley and the culture at Silicon Valley. Sharing about the inspiration that led Mikael to start ManyChat, he also shares about Mobile Dominance.

Conservation Highlights:

  • Life in Silicon Valley
  • Culture at Silicon Valley
  • Inspiration that led to ManyChat
  • Messaging Apps
  • Mobile Dominance

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [02.08] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Life in Silicon Valley.
  • [05.07] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Culture at Silicon Valley.
  • [09.07] – “What is the elevator pitch or the value proposition for ManyChats?”
  • [10.27] – Inspiration that led to ManyChats.
  • [16.20] – “When you came up with the idea for, ‘what would become ManyChat”, were you living in Russia or were you in the States?”
  • [23.11] – Messaging Apps, drives the business.
  • [23.50] – Mobile Dominance
  • [26.52] – A thought that was different but lead to the formation of something new.
  • [29.18] – Building a company that powers a
  • [33.24] – Best way to get in contact with Mikael Yan.
  • [33.40] – Best person to reach out to Mikael Yan.

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest:

  • “The world has changed, consumers became mobile.”
  • “In the mobile world, challenges are fragmented and e-mail is not enough.”
  • “As a business, you don’t need separate marketing platforms for every channel that you are gonna be using, you want to have a master list of your customers.”
  • “If you make a conscious decision to be in the edge of technology, you are gonna be living in the future by default.”

Resources Mentioned:

About our Guest:

Mikael Yan, as he stands today is the CEO and Co-Founder of ManyChat. Mikael also has pursued psychology as a subject. Mikael through ManyChat provides businesses with marketing, sales, support through Facebook and Messenger and other messaging platforms.

Get in contact with Mikael Yan:

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