Our Guest: Nate Wright, Founder of Inbox Attack

In this episode, Nate Wright discusses how he went from being a jack of all trades in marketing to focusing on email marketing and founding Inbox Attack. Nate divulges how he stays relevant, what has been working for his company, and how he lives outside of his comfort zone.

Conversation Highlights

  • How to stay relevant on the internet
  • “Confident exclusion”: Being intentional about who you do and don’t want to work with
  • Nate shares what has been working for his business this year
  • How to challenge your assumptions
  • How to target effectively

Key Podcast Moments

  • [01:39] Roundtable Discussion: Nate’s background in martial arts
  • [03:25] Roundtable Discussion: Skills Nate learned from dancing
  • [06:14] Roundtable Discussion: Using the gym to get out of your head
  • [10:17] How Nate got into email marketing and the challenges of email marketing
  • [12:24] Nate’s multidisciplinary approach to marketing
  • [13:42] What has been generating leads and sales for Nate’s company this year
  • [19:54] What Nate learned through challenging his assumptions
  • [22:12] How to effectively use targeting
  • [25:30] The importance of running tests and making calls

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “Dancing is what got me into marketing.”
  • “I’m a firm believer that the multidisciplinary approach is the only way to stay relevant for long.”
  • “I spend more time working on targeting than I do writing.”
  • “In order for somebody like me to stay relevant, I need to make sure I have an intimate level of understanding of what all the other channels are doing.”
  • “I don’t think it’s ever been a time to do things a normal way.”
  • “If you’re not bumping up against your comfort zone with how you’re doing your business, you might survive a couple years, but not long term.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Nate Wright is an email marketing expert who founded the company Inbox Attack in 2009. He is a co-founder and copywriter of Email Ecommerce, chief strategist and copywriter at B2B Bandits, and CMO at Zoptic, LLC. 

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