Our Guest: Rob Warner, Founder of InvisiblePPC

In this episode, Rob Warner discusses how fitness has played a role in his business and in his life as an entrepreneur, powerful lessons he’s learned on his journey of entrepreneurship and owning agencies, as well as how InvisiblePPC builds innovative solutions for agency owners. He breaks down a fascinating example of a solution they’ve built for landing pages and how he approaches deciding the minimum viable revenue and minimum viable product for their SaaS products.

Tune in to learn the advantages of going outside of your comfort zone as a business owner and going to events, along with the value in answering consumers’ questions rather than badgering them with sales pitches.

Conversation Highlights

  • The role of fitness in Rob’s life as an entrepreneur
  • The conference that led to his company’s exponential growth
  • Lessons Rob has learned from starting his company
  • The value in simply answering people’s questions
  • How InvisiblePPC created an innovation landing page solution
  • The complimentary services InvisiblePPC provide today

Key Podcast Moments

  • [01:10] Roundtable Discussion: How fitness has influenced his life and his business
  • [02:24] Roundtable Discussion: Why Rob took a full fitness assessment
  • [06:00] Roundtable Discussion: How have you coped with your body aging and losing certain capabilities?
  • [08:09] How Rob started InvisiblePPC
  • [13:11] What revenue were you making when you decided to go to the Local Marketing Summit in Denver, CO and what did it cost to get there?
  • [15:36] The value in simply answering people’s questions in a Facebook group
  • [17:13] Going to events and putting yourself into situations where growth can happen
  • [18:58] The primary services InvisiblePPC offers today
  • [21:07] Did you expand into those complimentary areas to “own the board”?
  • [22:29] An example of an innovative landing page solution InvisiblePPC has built
  • [25:50] What was the minimum viable product for this landing page builder?
  • [28:29] When you’re looking at the minimum viable revenue, what is the gross profit margin and net income that you’re looking for?
  • [30:05] Best ways to contact Rob + The perfect person to reach out to him today

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “For me, it came down to one thing really and it applies across everything we’ve built this year. We’ve built things that solve problems that the market should’ve solved a long time ago but hasn’t.”
  • “I made the decision that actually, if I want to strengthen and build these relationships… you’ve got to put yourself in the room where you can do that and sometimes that means getting uncomfortable.”
  • “What we’ve done is… we said okay, what technology already exists that we can repackage and repurpose?”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Rob Warner is a SAAS Developer, Investor, and the Founder of InvisiblePPC, a company that strives daily to learn, improve and deliver agency services to a level that no other provider in the world can achieve. Rob is increasingly focused on highly leveraged growth activities that will enable him and his businesses to positively impact more business owners around the world. He’s also the Co-Founder of Invisible Automations LLC, a company that is investing in, growing, and developing SAAS platforms that offer unique solutions to digital marketing problems.

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