Our Guest: Robert Stanley from Local Pulse Marketing

Would you like to know more about lead generation and how to grow an agency? This episode is for you.

Today on the show, we have Robert M Stanley joining us. Robert will be sharing with us how he started his entrepreneurship journey, how his first partnership failed, and how he started his second agency. Also, he will enlighten us on lead generation and how to close a lead.

Are you ready to learn? Listen in.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Roundtable Discussion: Robert in Tijuana
  • How Robert jumped into the entrepreneurship wagon
  • Robert’s first agency and partnership
  • What made Robert’s partnership fail?
  • How Robert got back to business
  • What has made nurturing so successful for Robert?
  • How Robert helps his clients in lead generation and closing of leads
  • How does Robert’s business scale?
  • Some of the mistakes Robert made and how he corrected them

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [00:55] Roundtable Discussion: How many times has Robert been to TJ?
  • [01:50] Roundtable Discussion: How Robert and I spent our night out in TJ
  • [03:33] Roundtable Discussion: The history of casinos
  • [06:38] Roundtable Discussion: Robert’s impressions on Tijuana
  • [07:54] Roundtable Discussion: Robert’s favorite things about Mexico
  • [08:04] How Robert got into entrepreneurship
  • [13:06] Robert’s first partnership
  • [14:11] The collapse of Robert’s partnership
  • [15:21] How Robert’s second business started
  • [20:44] What has made nurturing so successful for Robert?
  • [26:00] How does Robert’s business scale and some of the business mistakes that he made in the past and costed him?

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

  • “The reality is, you’d be better off if you did one thing really well and repeated it over and over.”
  • “Amazon has kind of ruined it for everybody.”
  • “When the bar is so low, it is not hard to improve.”
  • “You can’t see the broken window on the outside of your house when you’re inside.”
  • “Sometimes, people don’t want to look in the mirror and just fix themselves.”

About our Guest

Robert Stanley is an internet entrepreneur, product creator, and consultant who specializes in online lead generation. He has started and sold several online businesses, developed software, built sales funnels, launches, and trained thousands of marketing consultants around the world.

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