Our Guest: Russ Perry, Founder and CEO of Design Pickle

In this eye – opening episode, Russ Perry gives and insight to the audience on business strategies that needs to be followed and on what factor the success of an agency rely on. He also shares his success story, how he has managed to build up a multimillion dollar company starting from nothing.

Get ready as you are about to witness Russ Perry’s story of Success.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Shares his experience as the student council president
  • Biggest break-through marketing move
  • How he came up with Design Pickle
  • How he managed to build up a multimillion company starting from nothing
  • How experiences you have gone through impact on your journey to success
  • Future of Design Pickle

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [00.01.08] – “Roundtable Discussion”; Russ shares his experience as the student council president.
  • [00.06.36] – “Roundtable Discussion”; Russ shares that “pinocchio” was his big break-through marketing move.
  • [00.09.47] – How Russ came up with Design Pickle
  • [00.12.05] – Russ shares, how he came up with the name “Design Pickle”
  • [00.17.23] – Russ’s biggest stress factors
  • [00.18.10] – Russ shares that his turning point was he got enough data and started to see the year-over-year data.
  • [00.23.42] – Russ answers, “What is five miles down the road to Design Pickle?”

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest:

  • “Every dollar of profit goes into sales or marketing”
  • “When you’ve done a lot of physical training in your life…when you do the hard version of it and you come out OKAY, then when there’s anything less than that you have an incredible amount of confidence and accomplishment”
  • “When you experience hard things in life and challenging things in life, it expands your capacity, it expands what you are capable of and that’s personal development”
  • “A successful agency is gonna be a one that grow and if the owner is doing the work or helping to manage the clients then he or she is not gonna be able to grow the business and market and sell the business”

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About our guest:

Russ Perry started his company while he was in college. His initial business was a consulting business and Design Pickle was built-in as a solution for his consulting business. Russ Perry has managed to build up a multimillion dollar company starting from nothing with only two employees in beginning to 230+ employees today. Today, design pickle is world’s most successful flat-rate graphic design service.

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