Our Guest: Ryan McCrary, owner of McCrary Financial Solutions, LLC.

In this episode, Ryan J. McCrary is going to talk about the secrets that have helped him to scale, what he’s done, to kind of overcome some of the fears of hiring people and growing his team, and his plans for how he’s going to get to that next level.

Conversation Highlights

  • The importance of his education and how it helps him with his work life.
  • Finding people to work with and leading a team and operations.
  • Hardships that they have encountered as they grow the business and managing their profitability.

Key Podcast Moments

  • [2:50] Roundtable Discussion: McCrary’s educational background
  • [3:29] Roundtable Discussion: Finding out what he wants to pursue as a career
  • [6:27] Roundtable Discussion: Understanding his university education and using it in his business
  • [8:49] About how their digital agency grow through system funnels and paid advertisement
  • [10:14] How he came to that realization that he needed to add another layer to the agency.
  • [11:40] In terms of growth and scaling, how has that new product offering helped you to grow your agency?
  • [13:05] The people that are in your agency now that are helping you to continue to grow
  • [14:44) How to even find people like that you had to overcome when you started hiring and bringing on more team members
  • [17:15] Pieces of advice for hiring people 
  • [20:00] Talk about another aspect of what we like to kind of showcase on our show, which is profitability.
  • [25:07] Experiences about raising prices
  • [29:28] Best way for people to reach out to him and/or his agency

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “Oh, it came down to getting more results for our clients. You know, as I look back on all, we worked on a lot of projects last year, man,  like a lot last year, you know, prior years, but specifically last year, like out of mostly every success story, there had to be the paid traffic component.” 
  • “Number one, consistent revenue. And I think, you know, it’s creating better success stories for clients. So that, in turn, has, you know, have been of referrals, we get tons of testimonials and all that type of stuff. And it’s just helped us grow and scale.”

About Our Guest

Ryan McCrary is a serial entrepreneur and former licensed securities agent. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Temple University in 2011. After graduating from college, Ryan worked at Prudential Financial working directly with annuities and then transitioning to a role as an investment professional with The Vanguard Group.

He is the owner of McCrary Financial Solutions, LLC which is a consulting company that gives one on one financial literacy coaching, household budget analysis, small business development, and social media marketing techniques.

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