Our Guest: Tom Zoebelein, Owner of Stratosphere Studio

In this episode, Tom Zoebelein discusses his evolution in the world of marketing and how he has incorporated his passion for cars into it his digital marketing career. Having founded a successful digital marketing company, Stratosphere Studio, Tom shares with us the significance of focusing on a specific niche, taking a risk by stepping away from a partnership deal, and rebranding.

Tune in to learn what word of mouth and productizing has done for his business, why he utilizes conversion content, like informative articles and videos, and what other niches could also use these strategies to grow and scale.

Conversation Highlights

  • Tom’s passion of car restoration
  • Niching down & Rebranding: Tom shares the moment that sparked growth and transformation in this business
  • How he solved the problems he was encountering with offering blogging as a part of content creation
  • Strategies that Tom uses to scale his business

Key Podcast Moments

  • [00:55] Roundtable Discussion: Tom is a car restoration fanatic
  • [3:30] Roundtable Discussion: The first car he ever worked on
  • [4:36] Roundtable Discussion: How did Tom learn how to fix up cars?
  • [5:08] Roundtable Discussion: The next vehicle he wants to restore
  • [6:02] Roundtable Discussion: What does car restoration do for you?
  • [7:12] How Tom got started in the agency world in the early days of digital marketing
  • [10:06] What resources we’ve utilized to get good at digital marketing
  • [12:23] Tom walks us through his early years of experience in marketing
  • [14:56] His key moment of growth: What sparked Tom to niche down, go his separate way from potential partners, and rebrand
  • [16:14] What word of mouth and productizing has done for his business
  • [19:22] The problems they encountered with utilizing blogging and what they did to solve them
  • [20:57] The value in creating and tracking conversion content on a collision repair website
  • [22:42] Strategies Tom is using to scale
  • [23:59] Other niches that can easily apply the same strategy
  • [27:27] Best ways to contact Tom + The perfect person to reach out to him today

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “You do need a little bit of education in order to steer the waters properly.”
  • “I started kind of studying digital marketing to figure out how do I take 15-20 years of experiential marketing and turn it into a digital thing.”
  • “I was pitching digital marketing or inbound marketing to body shops, which they just didn’t get, but the more shops I had and the more I could show that it actually brought customers in the door… it got easier to get other shops.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Tom Zoebelein helps auto, RV, marine & aviation repair shops grow sales with internet marketing. He founded Stratosphere Studio with a single focus: to deliver customers. They developed a six-step method that will attract customers to your business, convert them to leads and help you close more leads into sales.

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