Our Guest: Troy Dean, the Co-founder of WP Elevation

The success of an agency business calls for more than lead generation. Rather, it depends on your specialization, relationships, and processes. It is how well you’ll leverage them that will determine your business growth.

In this episode, Troy Dean shares his journey from a musician to a web designer and agency owner. His experience and lessons in music enhanced his success in building a solid agency business that every entrepreneur can emulate.

Conversation Highlights

  • Roundtable discussions: Troy’s passion for music and relationship with business
  • Troy’s origin story: from a voiceover musician to a web designer
  • Starting WP Elevation agency
  • Common challenges in growing an agency business
  • The future of the agency world
  • Preparing your clients for the future state of the agency world
  • Troy’s signature system

Key Podcast Moments

  • [1:08] Roundtable discussion: Troy’s passion for music and playing guitar
  • [4:00] Roundtable discussion: music as a therapy and creative expression
  • [5:06] Roundtable discussion: similarity in the application of creativity in music and business
  • [8:14] Troy’s origin story: from a voiceover musician to a web designer to agency business
  • [12:03] launching WP Elevation agency
  • [14:35] Challenges that Troy has been facing in the agency business journey
  • [18:31] Secret of growing your agency business
  • [20:56] What is the future of the agency world regarding current changes?
  • [24:59] What are you doing to make his clients’ strategic thinkers
  • [27:14] Troy’s signature system

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “To succeed at anything, whether it’s, you know, going to the gym, whether it’s learning to play guitar, whether it’s running a business, whatever it is, the challenge, the key is being consistent.”
  • “Growing a client services business is fricking hard.”
  • “If you’re constantly wanting people to fall in line with your expectations, you are going to come up against resistance.”
  • “The people who will win are the people who just stay consistent and who eventually specialize.”
  • “People trust process more than they trust people.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Troy Dean is a web designer and business coach who have helped many agencies and freelancers to grow. He is currently the co-founder of WP Elevation.

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