Our Guest: Wes Schaeffer, CEO at the Sales Whisperer 

We are advised against mixing business and religion. Our guest today takes none of that. He has built his business on faith and religion. As a digital agency owner, he shares with us how he runs the agency, and the challenges he faces. Also, he shares some sales tips.

Tune in, learn, and get inspired by Wes Schaeffer.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Roundtable Discussion: Mixing religion with business
  • What does the Sales Whisperer do?
  • How Wes is integrating digital aspects in his agency
  • How does Wes deliver solutions to his clients?
  • The guiding principle for Wes
  • Some of the biggest struggles that Wes deals with in the running of his agency
  • How to get in touch with Wes

Key Podcast Moments:

  • [01:09] Introducing the guest
  • [02:14] The roundtable: Integrating faith into business and marketing
  • [06:29] Advice to anyone who wants to integrate faith into their marketing
  • [10:05] What does The Sales Whisperer do?
  • [13:26] The digital component of The Sales Whisperer agency
  • [17:58] How does Wes deliver solutions to his clients?
  • [20:34] The guiding principle for Wes
  • [25:20] What are some of the biggest struggles that Wes has to deal with?
  • [27:48] Get in touch with Wes

Magical Quotes from the Episode

  • “To make any sale, you have to make every sale.”
  • “You need to understand and embrace the importance of sales, and everybody is in sales regardless of the size of your business.”
  • “Not everyone is a great prospect. You have to disqualify.”
  • “The risk of insult is the price of clarity.”
  • “If you don’t piss off someone by noon, then you’re not pushing hard enough. You’re not marketing hard enough.”

About Our Guest

Wes Schaeffer is an Air force veteran and now the CEO of the Sales Whisperer. He is a unique marketer. He integrates religion in his marketing. He helps marketers and business owners close sales and gain clarity in their messaging.

Connect with Wes Schaeffer:

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