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Most people never even to think about outsourcing your design and development to Mexico, but inside this book you’ll learn why this is the “hidden gem” of outsourcing that provides you all the benefits and none of the downsides of working with a team overseas. 

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About the author: 

Hi I’m Chris Martinez and I started a digital agency just like you over 7 years ago. My entire team was based in the Philippines and then as my agency started to grow the time change, power outages, and cultural barriers were killing my customer service. As much as I loved my people, my Philippines team just wasn’t getting the job done and I had to find another solution.

And so I tried everywhere around the globe. India had huge communication challenges, Central Europe had horrendous customer service, the South Americans couldn’t hit a deadline to save their lives, and Americans wanted too much money. Then I gave Tijuana, Mexico a shot and BOOM…I struck pay dirt. Long story short, with the help of my Tijuana team I quadrupled my revenue and the Tijuana team was a dream come true.

Then in 2017, I decided to help other digital agency owners get all the benefits of outsourcing with none of the downsides and DUDE was born. Today we are helping digital agencies across the US and Canada to take on more clients, eliminate their outsourcing issues, and to rediscover the FUN of running a digital agency. We understand your operational challenges and we give you the team to help you grow AND keep your sanity. 

In this book, you’ll learn all my trade secrets for why Tijuana is the best place to set up your design and development team and all the steps to get it done. 

Then of course if you want to talk to me about how you can have a team ready for you in less than dos minutos, feel free to email me directly and just say that you’re a UGURUS podcast fan and we can chat about how you can get started with your team right away. Here is my direct email chris@dudeagency.io