Every Tuesday morning we host our Weekly Pod Leader Training.

We started this early in the year as a way to provide continuing education to each of the Pod Leaders about give them insights on how to improve communication, project management, time management, leadership, and a whole lot more.

It’s a great time for everyone to share what’s working for them as well as to collectively work through issues that someone might be having.

Each Pod Leader is a crucial part of the customer experience and they are also the leader of their own pod.

It’s a really unique position that requires a very unique set of skills.

You have to be great at dealing with clients but also great at managing developers and designers.

We say that a great Pod Leader is a master of time, resources, and efficiency and these on-going training sessions that we host help us to ensure that each Pod Leader is living up to that mantra.

What kind of on-going training do you have for your staff?

Leave your comments below and let us know how you think we’re doing as well as what you are doing to manage and build your own team.