Over the years we’ve met a ton of digital agency owners and we’ve come to realize that we’re not for everyone.

In this video we’re going to show you to the Top 5 signs that you’re a great fit for DUDE (and also that DUDE is not a great for you).

At the end of the day, we’re all about helping you grow your agency and so after years of working with all kinds of digital agencies, we’ve got it really dialed-in as to who we can help and who we can’t.

Here is a brief summary of who IS and ISN’T a great fit for us:

#1- DUDE is a fantastic fit for digital agencies who are looking to bring on MORE CLIENTS and need the team to help them grow.  Our most successful agencies know that they can take on more clients if they just have the right team and ultimately that’s what we empower them to do.  If you know that you can scale your agency with more great people on your team, then DUDE is a great fit for you.
DUDE Beast: BUT, if you’re agency is on a downward slope and you’re losing clients left and right and you are just looking for a way to cut costs, then we are probably NOT the best fit for you.
#2) If your agency LOVES SYSTEMS and PROCESSES and you just need talented people that you can plug into those processes so that you can take on more clients, then DUDE is  a GREAT fit for your agency.  At DUDE we are obsessed with systems and processes because they help projects be more profitable and efficient.
If you want your agency to be a well-oiled machine and you have, or are building, the systems and processes to help you do that, then we will help you accomplish that goal.
On the flip side, if your agency lives by the seat of your pants and has no systems and processes and you basically reinvent the wheel every project, then we’re probably not a great fit for you.
Our best clients are looking to build an agency with repeatable processes so that they can have an agency that runs itself.  A constant flow of custom projects might be exciting, but it’s almost impossible to scale that model. So if that’s your agency, we’re probably not the team for you.
#3) Does your agency have a unique and defined “style” and you know exactly what you want for your clients and you know to communicate this to your team?  And are you looking for a team that you can collaborate with and that you have open lines of communication with?
If this sounds like you then DUDE is exactly what you’re looking for.  We LOVE when our agencies know exactly what they want, who they serve, and they know how to communicate this to their team.  And we TOTALLY LOVE when our agencies value our team like we’re an extension of THEIR team, because we treat you like we’re an extension of YOUR agency.  Our best clients are communicating with their teams regularly and collaborating so that we can help your agency be successful.
HOWEVER, if you are looking for people who can “just be creative”, or you view your staff (and your outsourcing partners) as a necessary evil, OR you don’t know how to communicate in an organized and efficient manner, then DUDE is not for you.
Time is money and communication is KEY to running a great agency.  Furthermore, communication with US is soo important.  Your team is obsessed with helping your agency and your clients, so clear communication and a teamwork attitude is key for us to do what we do best, which is completing projects for you on time and on budget.
#4) Our most successful agencies know they sell a SOLUTION and this empowers them to command premium prices.
Listen, running an agency is HARD and it makes it harder when you are taking on clients who just want the cheapest price and don’t value your expertise.  Our top agencies know how to sell based on VALUE and can consistently get results for their clients and so they price themselves accordingly.
If this sounds like you, then DUDE is the perfect fit for you.
BUT, if you’re value proposition is that you are the cheapest in then we’re probably not a great fit.  Websites, FB ads, SEO, PPC are all just a means to an end and if you position yourself as an agency who does that, then you can never truly sell the value to your clients and you’ll constantly be battling on price and we probably won’t be able to help you grow your agency.
#5 …If you have or want to build an agency with people and processes that allow you to take time away from your agency whenever you so that you can really enjoy a lifestyle of FREEDOM, then we are definitely a great fit for you.
One of our company core values is that we believe that travel is the greatest teacher so we want you to explore the world!!
We will help you build this for yourself and if you’re willing to invest your time with us, well give you everything we can to help you build the agency of your dreams.
However, if you’re constantly putting out fires, if you want to live in a state of chaos, and if you hate vacations, then DUDE probably won’t be able to help you.
We want to give our agency owners TIME FREEDOM so that they can enjoy life on a beach, not be chained to a desk.  And with the right processes, the right mindset, and the right team you can bring the fun back to your agency.
Ok so there you have it!
5 Signs that your agency is a great fit for DUDE
And 5 signs that you are NOT a great fit for DUDE.