Agora Eversole Loves DUDE and here is why

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“After those first few weeks, you know, became very apparent to us that y’all were the right choice for really what we needed as an agency and you make our projects go along a lot quicker”.


Chris Bates, CEO, Agora Eversole and Katy Agnew Howard, Digital Division Director, Agora Eversole

Agora Eversole is an agency based in Mississippi. They work primarily with community banks and healthcare companies throughout Mississippi and throughout the Southeast. They’ve been in business for 10 years and recently merged with another comparable size agency so the workload was increasing.


Agora Eversole was in a growth mode for a couple of years as an agency and really needed a white label partner that was going to help them scale. They had worked with some other agencies in the past and some other white label partners and they were mildly satisfied.

When Chris Bates met DUDE met at a conference last year and talked about DUDE’s processes and systems Chris new that DUDE was onto something.

Chris Bates is not a web developer by trade and so in the past, he had many issues communicating with his outsourced partners and that was a major issue for his agency. Not to mention that the previous vendors were totally inflexible in their processes.

Why did they decide to give DUDE a shot?

Chris’s biggest selection criteria were finding a white label partner that could communicate well and that was effective and efficient and that communicated in REAL-TIME. Agora did not want to have to wait hours or days to hear back from their team.

In the past, they had had to wait 48 to 72 hours to get an email reply from a vendor and that just was not working for Agora Eversole. If they were in the middle of a project, they needed a partner who was going to really be a partner and be accessible and available.

In addition, they were looking for a white label partner that could really help them scale. They have been in a growth mode and needed somebody that could help them grow without me having to hire more people internally.

What are some of the successes you’ve had since working with DUDE?

Within the first few weeks of working together, they knew they had a winner. One of the things that impressed them the most was when their Pod Leaders said, “Hey, we’re going to have a weekly call” and right off the bat we knew the communication was going to be great.

Every Monday they would go through each project with their Pod Leader and it was great. They loved how proactive DUDE was and every single project came out perfect.

After those first few weeks, it became very apparent that DUDE was the right choice and was exactly what they needed and all the projects were getting done a lot faster than before DUDE came on board.

Who do you recommend DUDE to?

Chris Bates and Katy Agnew recommend DUDE and they say to specifically ask for Ana!

DUDE is just so knowledgeable and so easy to work with and that makes everyone at Agora Eversole’s job easier. Katy and Chris even go to their pod leader for advice about projects and DUDE is an essential part of their team now.