How Jennifer from Beacon Media + Marketing Became the Office “Hero” by Finding DUDE

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“You really understand the mind of the agency owner and what their pain points really are. You know, sometimes I felt like you even understood it more than I could articulate it. So you were thinking about it from the business standpoint and then I feel like you put the solutions in place.”


Jennifer Christensen is one of the Co-Founders at Beacon Media + Marketing.

They are an agency originally founded out of Alaska and they’re now also in Reno, NV. Their passion is delivering fantastic results for small businesses across America.


Since day one, web development was not really one of their strengths. Their strength was marketing, but they also recognized that to do marketing effectively they had to have a good website. It became this constant battle for them and they tried over and over to find a good solution, but they never really found the PERFECT fit.

They had processes in place and also an in-house person that was doing web design and development but it was just too slow and they couldn’t hit deadlines, not to mention that it wasn’t very profitable. Their clients wanted things turned around really quickly, but with also good quality so it was a big challenge for them.

And then of course, the marketing program couldn’t even start until the website was launched so they started searching for a better way.

Why did they decide to give DUDE a shot?

They had already looked at a couple other options at the same time they were evaluating DUDE but after talking to the staff at DUDE they loved the fact that they would have one solid point of contact and the same people working on their projects every single time.

The disadvantages of having an independent contractor are that when they get busy the work tends to drop off. It’s up and down. You can’t always count on contractors to take your projects as seriously as you do.

What Jennifer didn’t know she was looking for, and that DUDE has done exceptionally well, is that DUDE really understands the mind of the agency owner and what the agency owner’s pain points are. Jennifer even says that she feels like sometimes DUDE understands the challenges of running an agency even more than she does. So DUDE runs their operations from the business standpoint of the agency and puts solutions in place that Jennifer didn’t even know she needed.

What are some of the successes you’ve had since working with DUDE?

So first thing happened is that Jennifer’s account managers came in and literally hugged her! Her account managers we’re so excited and so appreciative of the support that DUDE was providing.

With the systems that DUDE provides, Jennifer and her team now had a Project Manager which was a missing link for their agency. That alone solved an ownership issue for them and gave them another set of eyes to help them anticipate and solve problems.

Then also the quality of work was something that Jennifer was really scared about at first, but DUDE definitely does not sacrifice on quality. It was a huge relief to see the DUDE team deliver on what they said that they would.

Who do you recommend DUDE to?

The big piece that is DUDE’s massive differentiator is DUDE’s ability to really put the agency’s success ahead of everything.

DUDE has become a partner who really helps Jennifer and her team to THRIVE and that’s just really rare to find these days.