E73 John Crestani: How To Land Your Ideal Clients

In this episode, John Crestani discusses how travel and freedom motivated him to get started in the digital marketing space, along with the pivotal moments in his career that launched him into a high-paying clientele. He speaks on the value of understanding different cultures when doing business in other countries and taking risks in the realm of networking and scaling.

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E72 Ken ‘Spanky’ Moskowitz: Don’t Fall In Love With Your Creative, Fall In Love With The Results It Produces

In this episode, Ken ‘Spanky’ Moskowitz shares his candid opinions on the condition of the US and the representation of the separation of the American people through social media and the news. Then, he delves into his experience in Russell Branson’s private mastermind, what he gained from Russell’s book Traffic Secrets, and a few valuable hacks for increasing retention and speed with book consumption.

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