E90 Chris Oberg: How to Transition from Part-Time Side Hustler to Full-Time Agency Owner

Our Guest: Chris Oberg, Owner of Photon Factory Development & Design Inc.

In this episode, Chris Oberg shares how he pivoted from being a part-time agency owner as a side hustle to being a full-time owner with a team of people helping him to grow his agency. He speaks on the fears he had to overcome and the mindset shifts he needed to make in order to make this transition full-time, along with why they decided to focus on Shopify as their niche. Plus, he highlights the benefits of tracking your time and giving yourself an hourly wage as a business owner.


Conversation Highlights

  • Chris low-key loves competition!
  • What prevented Chris from going full-time
  • Advice and realizations that helped Chris fearlessly grow his business
  • The importance of valuing and tracking your time
  • What motivated him to develop a Shopify niche


Key Podcast Moments

[02:37] Roundtable Discussion: Chris loves competition and has a CrossFit addiction.

[03:48] Roundtable Discussion: His experience falling in love with MMA

[05:57] Roundtable Discussion: Competing in CrossFit Open

[06:51] Roundtable Discussion: The most difficult part about CrossFit

[09:28] About Photon Factory and Shopify

[11:32] What prevented you from making the transition to full-time owner sooner than you did?

[14:25] Fears Chris had about letting go of the reigns

[17:56] Valuing your time as a business owner: Tracking time and giving yourself an hourly wage

[21:25] Who does your team consist of?

[22:15] Finding and developing your niche + Why Photon Factory focuses on Shopify

[24:23] Pros and cons of Shopify

[28:33] How to connect with Chris + The perfect person to reach out to him today


Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

“The piece of advice that I got that really hit home was… having somebody else do the job 80% as well as you is still better than you doing it 100%.”

“Clients are totally fine with whatever ETA you want to give them, nine times out of ten. Just hit the deadline, that’s all you need to do and communicate.”


 Resources Mentioned

Photon Factory


About Our Guest

Chris Oberg is based out of Toronto, Canada, and is the Owner of Photon Factory Development & Design Inc. He works in strategy and sales and also is proficient in development and design. Chris is a Shopify expert, so if you need help with anything Shopify-related, he’s your go-to guy!


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