We had an incredibly special guest on our Group Coaching Call this Month.  Mike Arce from LoudRumor.com was kind enough to spend an hour and 15 minutes with us and he went through his journey from being a punk kid from New Jersey, to a fitness trainer, to a young father and husband, to a struggling agency owner and finally to building one of most impressive multiple 7-figure digital agencies in the US.

If you have never heard of Mike Arce before then this is a must-watch episode of the DUDE Group Coaching Calls.  Literally within the first 10-minutes you’ll get a content strategy that can easily generate 7-figures in new business for you.

One of the most surprising things that Mike talked about was how strongly he believes that COLD-CALLING is the answer to all your lead generation problems.  You don’t really hear digital marketing guys preaching about cold-calling, but Mike built his agency and has helped other people build their agencies on the back of cold-calling. And as an added bonus, he actually role plays a cold-call with me on the phone.

This is one for the ages so make sure that you watch this one all the way through.