DUDE Profile: Andrés Gomez

Do you ever just need ONE amazing developer (or designer) who works with you full-time, but you can’t seem to find her/him?

You interview and interview, but something is always off like they don’t have the tech skills, they want too much money, or they are an entitled, know-it-all jerk.

Well if that’s the case then you need to learn bout our Dedicated Employee Program.

One of our amazing agencies in the US (who asked that their name remain confidential) came to us and needed a dedicated developer who could provide outstanding frontend and backend development support and could help them keep up with all the ongoing support projects they had piling up.

And, they needed someone that they could train really quickly to build out new website projects, too.

That’s when we introduced this agency to Andres!

Andres had been working with us for nearly two years and so we knew he would be a great fit for them. 

So we made the intro and Andres went through the exact same interview process that the agency gives to US-based candidates and he blew them away.

At the end of the day, it was clear that  Andrés was exactly the employee they were looking for and he was able to hit the ground running with them.

Now, Andrés is tackling projects of all shapes and sizes, providing his agency with some well-needed peace of mind and more profitability on everything he touches.

In this video, Andrés talks about some of what he does for his agency as a Dedicated Employee.

And if you want to see how a Dedicated Employee can help you grow your agency and be more profitable then just hit me back and I’ll set up a time to see if it’s a great fit for you.

Take a look!

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