E95: The Weekly Sandwich Meeting

The Weekly Sandwich Meeting

It’s not a secret that most people dread meetings. But, at DUDE, we have a meeting that all of us look forward to. We went from having it to not having it, and then our team asked that we do it again, regularly. As a leader, I consider this meeting as an opportunity to relay important information about our company or updates that will get everybody excited.

In today’s episode, I talk about the Weekly Sandwich Meeting. It’s the second episode of the three-part series 3 Meetings You Must Run In Your Agency. I share how DUDE benefited from this type of meeting. I also discuss the importance of a structured meeting and tips on improving your weekly meetings in your agency.

If you’re excited to jumpstart your weekly meeting or improve the one you’re currently doing, I encourage you to tune in to this episode.

Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction 
2:12 Background of this type of meeting 
4:40 How running this type of meeting became helpful for DUDE
5:37 Why the sandwich important is important  
5:57 Why a structured meeting is significant   
9:27 What to do if your staff isn’t asking for a weekly meeting 
10:18 How to improve your weekly meetings  
14:48 Sandwich meeting timeframe


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