E3 Jason Swenk: How Jason Grew, Scaled, and Sold His Agency and What He Does Now

Our Guest: Jason Swenk Agency Mentor and Co-Founder of Sales Pipeline Accelerator

Isn’t selling your agency for a lot of money the dream of agency owner?

Not for Jason Swenk. After building his agency to an extremely profitable business, he sold it.

 He realized though, the dream wasn’t what he thought…so he dived back in and found a bigger why then selling money


Conversation Highlights

  • Having a winning attitude to manage a successful digital agency
  • Life after selling your agency
  • Getting clear on what your agency is and who it serves
  • Differentiation: Why it’s the key for clients that need help but don’t know where to go
  • Pivoting: When is the right time to pivot your agency?


Key Podcast Moments

[1:34] Roundtable Discussion: Can being a college athlete make you a better entrepreneur?

[5:13] Qhat if you’re not competitive?

[8:12] The origin story of Jason’s agency life

[12:40] What are the biggest challenges in agency owners right now?

[16:27] Are people building agencies for the right reasons?

[18:49] How can my agency stand out?

[20:11] How do you decide when to pivot your business


Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

“Sports teaches [us] how to quit.” 

“If you don’t believe you are the best, do you think anybody else is?”

“Almost all agency owners are accidental.”

“I remember my first client asking me to send an invoice. I didn’t even know what an invoice was.”

“I couldn’t start an agency for two years.”

“We all think too small.”

 “They (clients)  just say “ I want to be a big agency’ but they don’t have a definition.”

“It’s about offering something at the right time at the right price.” 

“You can only do your best at this current moment.”

“No one can tell you what niche you need to pick. Only you can.”

“It’s [Niches] like having a Vegas breakfast  You have ti try everything.”

“Sometimes you have to take a deep step back  and then it’s clear as day what you need to do.”


Resources Mentioned


The Smart Agency Masterclass

Accelerating Your Agency: An 8 System Playbook for Growing Your Agency Faster


About Our Guest

Jason Swenk is a podcaster, consultant, speaker, and author who built and sold a highly successful agency in 12 years.


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