E28 Jim Pedicone: Design Pickle’s Rise From $0 to $12 million

Our Guest: Jim Pedicone, Chief of Staff at Design Pickle

Hiring a design team is not a cake party. It’s time-consuming and costly. At Design Pickle, they believe that things should be different and modernized. They offer help to anybody needing design help.

In today’s episode, we are joined by Jim Pedicone, the chief of staff at Design Pickle. Jim tells us about his gold panning passion and how they have grown Design Pickle from scratch to currently having over 250 employees and almost hitting a turnover of 15Million.

Listen in and get inspired.


Conversation Highlights:

  • The roundtable discussion: Jim’s passion for gold panning
  • Jim’s relationship with Russ(CEO at Design Pickle) even before Design Pickle
  • Joining hands with Russ to grow the design agency
  • Jim’s role at the agency
  • Jim’s first hire
  • Growing the agency
  • Major milestones for the agency
  • How can companies traditionally doing design thrive in the changing economy?
  • What’s cooking for Design Pickle?

Key Podcast Moments:

[01:36]: Roundtable discussion. Jim’s passion for gold panning

[05:35]: Jim’s principle for gold panning

[07:19]: What would Jim do if he found a monster golden nugget?

[08:16]: Jim’s relationship with Russell way before Design Pickle

[13:12]: Joining the design agency

[15:39]: Jim’s role in the agency

[18:24]: The first hire

[20:53]: Key milestones for Pickle

[24:29]: How can companies traditionally doing design thrive in the changing economy?

[26:44]: What’s cooking for Design Pickle?

Magical Quotes from the Episode:

“Everybody is valued and valuable.”

“We make everyone’s lives easier.”

“The gist is figuring out how we can best enterprises or companies that have an existing team and work smoother, smoother, and make an easy transition.”

“We can take the busy work that you spend all your time doing off of your plate and, and then you can focus on strategic, bigger projects that you need to focus on but don’t have the time to right now.”

“My purpose in working hard at design pickle was to make a living like to get paid. Like, make a business that paid for itself.”

“The more than I do it, and I find pockets of gold.”

About our Guest

Jim Pedicone is the chief of staff at Design Pickle. He is passionate about gold panning. He has worked with Design Prickle since inception and he has been instrumental in the growth of the agency.

Connect with Jim:




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