In today’s episode we’ve unlocked the secrets to epic revenue growth with Austin Irabor of Netfly Digital. In just 18 months, he catapulted his agency’s revenue from $30,000 to an astonishing $530,000 monthly, all by strategically targeting high-ticket legal clients. Austin’s transformative story highlights the crucial role of meaningful relationships and a finely tuned digital marketing playbook in achieving epic revenue growth.

Austin will share the pivotal moments from working with startups to focusing on the legal sector, the pivot towards selling premium services, and the importance of cultivating industry relationships. Expect to learn about Austin’s approach to both leveraging and building value with consultants and ensuring his agency’s services are not just lead generation machines, but full-fledged partners in clients’ sales success.

Stay tuned and discover how your agency can break free and scale to new heights with the power of revenue growth strategies! Don’t forget to subscribe for more insights and strategies from the world of agency freedom.

Discussion Points

00:00 Intro 

06:30 Created game plans, launched agency, transitioned niches. 

08:28 Frustration with lower-budget clients, focus on elite.

15:37 Marketing and sales convergence. 

19:50 Outsourcing SEO work and content creation strategy.

21:36 Qualifying clients, ensuring duplicatable high-level service. 

23:53 Delegate tasks, hire experts, trust their abilities.

33:14 Outro


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