Our Guest: Tim Kilroy

In this insightful episode, we talk with Tim Kilroy about how agency owners scale their businesses by decentralizing leadership. Tim shares his journey in the agency world and how he failed three times in agency business and lesson learned. Also, Tim explains the issues that hinder agencies from scaling and how decentralizing leadership can speed up growth.

Pull your seat and get top secrets to move your agency to the next level.

Conversation highlights

  • Roundtable discussion: Tim shares his love for Red Sox and the Moneyball movie on buying hits
  • Tim’s experiences and failures in the agency world that shaped his present successes
  • Three top issues preventing agencies from scaling
  • Importance of decentralizing your agency leadership

Key Podcast Moments

  • [01:49] Roundtable discussion: Tim shares his love for Red Sox and the Moneyball movie on buying hits
  • [07:35] Tim’s story and experience in the agency world
  • [08:30] Starting three agencies and how each failed.
  • [18:10] Tim explains the three top issues preventing agencies from moving to the next level
  • [27:01] Learning about the scaling ranges that many clients want
  • [31:38] Tim offers an insightful detail on why it is important to decentralize your agency leadership

Magic Marketing Quotes from our guest

  • “I’m a good chief but a bad Indian.”
  • “I’ve got this experience where I’ve figured some stuff out by making all the mistakes you could possibly make. There’s no mistake left that I have not made.”
  • “It takes a long time to figure out where you should be standing.”
  • “The biggest skill any CEO can develop is the ability to pick good clients.”
  • “If you’re only looking in your organization for answers, you’re going to get a very limited point of view.”

About our Guest

Tim Kilroy is a digital marketing agency coach. He founded 3 agencies which he scaled, quitted, and crashed due to several mistakes. Currently, he is the founder of Agency Breakout where he helps grow faster.

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