E38 Scott Cunningham: How This Dude Turned His Passion for Music Into a Lucrative Digital Agency

Our Guest: Scott Cunningham, CEO of Social Lite 

Today we are joined by a great agency owner by the name Scott Cunningham. He is the CEO of Social Lite eCommerce. Scott drew his inspiration to start the business from music festivals. If you have not met a music festival lover before, today you are in for a treat.

Listen in and learn how Scott his agency and how he got into a partnership.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Introducing the podcast guest
  • Roundtable discussion: Scott’s love for music festivals
  • How Scott started his agency
  • What does Social Lite eCommerce specialize in?
  • How to evaluate clients
  • Lessons that Scott has learnt from running his digital agency
  • How Scott got into a partnership

Key Podcast Moments:

[01:14] Roundtable Discussion: Scott’s love for music festivals

[06:58] Roundtable Discussion: The current day music festivals (marketing conferences)

[07:47] How did Scott start his digital agency?

[09:06] How Scott improved his resume

[10:03] Becoming the digital strategist for a big sports retailer

[11:15] Registering Social Lite as a trademark

[14:20] What does Social Lite specialize in?

[18:29] How does Scott and his agency evaluate clients who want to work with them?

[20:20] Lessons that Scott has learnt from running his digital agency

[21:47] Find out how Scott got into a partnership

[21:38] The power of delegation

Magic Quotes from the Episode:

“Not every partnership works. They can go terribly wrong.”

“For me to want, I have to let go of the reins and let somebody else accomplish what they want.”

“When you’re willing to let go, and you finally make that leap, it’s actually a burden off your plate.”

Resources Mentioned:

Rocket Fuel- Gino Wickman

About Our Guest:

Scott Cunningham is the CEO of Social Lite eCommerce. He is a lover of marketing conferences. Scott grew up as a music festivals lover.

Connect with Scott:



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