E60 Vincent D’Eletto: What Everybody Ought To Know About Creating Content And Working Remotely

Our Guest: Vincent D’Eletto, owner of WordAgents.com

Joining Chris in this episode is Vincent D’Eletto who is the owner of WordAgents.com. Both Chris and Vincent will share their experience as dog lovers. Vincent will share with audience the role of his company. Vincent will also share insights on managing his team remotely and why some companies fail working remotely.

Conversation Highlights:

  • Dog lovers
  • Role of WordAgents.com
  • Managing his team remotely
  • Why some companies fail working remotely
  • Tips for creating content


Key Podcast Moments:

  • [02.01] – “Roundtable Discussion”: “Dog Lovers”
  • [04.06] – “Roundtable Discussion”: Experience of having a dog.
  • [06.30] – “Tell us what it is you are doing at WordAgents?”
  • [08.03] – Beginning and scaling of WordAgents.
  • [09.11] – Vincent shares about the catalyst that made him decide to see through.
  • [10.20] – Importance of having American writers.
  • [14.52] – “What are some of the things that you have done to manage your team remote?”
  • [15.41] – Why some companies fail working remotely?
  • [17.40] – “Targets”
  • [18.41] – Platforms to manage client requests.
  • [21.06] – “Why do you think so many people have an issue or challenge with creating content?”
  • [22.10] – Tips for creating content.
  • [23.44] – Advice for agency owners on content writing.
  • [25.40] – Best way to get in contact with Vincent D’Eletto.

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest:

  • “What we do, we just have plenty of huddles.”
  • “We are location independent.”
  • “We just use data…to help us make decisions.”
  • Writing for the web isn’t like academic writing.”

Resources Mentioned:




About our Guest: Vincent D’Eletto, is the owner of WordAgents.com which is a content creation agency for webmasters, small businesses, agency owners and enterprise companies.

Get in contact with Vincent D’Eletto:

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