DUDE Group Coaching Call Feb 2020 with Dr Jeremy Weisz from Rise25.com

On our DUDE Group Coaching Call we are having Dr. Jeremy Weisz on to teach how you can get a Podcast started for your agency, how to find guests, and how to deliver massive ROI from your podcast. Make sure you register below even if you can’t make it so we can send you the […]

Meet Ana, designer turned Pod Leader!

It’s always such an exciting and rewarding thing to watch our staff grow their careers and advance within the company. When Ana came to us we hired her as a pod designer. She quickly established herself as one our most talented and reliable designers who would always go the extra mile for our clients. When […]

Meet Erin our Customer Experience Director

If you’re having a bad day you just need to spend a couple minutes with our Customer Service Director, Erin, and within seconds you’ll be all sunshine and rainbows. Erin has been with us for years and she is in charge of basically delighting our clients and making sure everyone is happy. It’s an easy […]

Birria Love with David the Pod Leader

Almost everyone loves tacos, but few Americans have ever tried to delicious “birria taco”. But birria is one of Tijuana’s most delicious delicacies when it comes to tacos. All around the city you’ll find birria taco stands tucked away on street corners and most likely you’ll see a line of people waiting to eat this […]

DUDE Profile: Melissa Castillo

Did you know that people actually move to Tijuana just to work at DUDE? Today you get to hear from one of our awesome developers, Melissa, and discover how she found DUDE and moved to TJ to work with us. We gained a great developer and she got a great company to work with! We’re […]

Meet Leslie Alarrazabal

Today you get the chance to meet one of our most-promising young stars. Leslie came to us straight out of college, but with a lot of experience including some time she spent at local bootcamps and incubators. She is extremely talented, but most importantly she is incredibly nice and always has a smile on her […]

DUDE agency: Aldo Ramos

Today we’re chatting with Aldo (or Aldor as he’s known in the office. He is one of our youngest team members, but also one of our brightest shining stars.