Our Guest: Chris Shreeve, Co-Founder, and VP of Business Development at PrograMetrix

In this episode, Chris Shreeve shares his experience of working in cannabis advertising and insights into the challenges the cannabis industry has been facing. He explains what needs to be worked on more, touching on legalization of the plant and regulation of cannabis ads, as well as how programmatic advertising works and what their competition is like. Tune in to learn what the future holds for both PrograMetrix and the cannabis and CBD industry!

Conversation Highlights

  • Cultural impacts of legalizing cannabis
  • The snowball effect of positive change that legalizing cannabis creates
  • The importance of marketing the positive effects of cannabis
  • The cannabis industry is mainly comprised of small businesses
  • How programmatic advertising works
  • Rules and regulations on cannabis ads
  • PrograMetrix’s competition
  • Did Chris know his story and his relationship with the industry was going to help his agency?

Key Podcast Moments

  • [01:06] Roundtable Discussion: Chris’s perception of cannabis growing up
  • [03:23] Roundtable Discussion: I was over weed by the time I was out of high school!
  • [04:53] Roundtable Discussion: The cultural impacts that legalizing marijuana has had
  • [06:39] Marketing the positive effects of cannabis, regardless of it being a Schedule 1 drug
  • [07:27] There’s more that needs to be done: People are still in prison for small, nonviolent drug charges
  • [10:23] Recommended docuseries: Immigration Nation on Netflix
  • [11:47] What does PrograMetrix do and how do they help CBD companies?
  • [14:52] How does programmatic advertising work?
  • [16:18] Rules and regulations on cannabis ads
  • [17:25] Why did they choose cannabis as their niche?
  • [19:45] What the future holds for PrograMetrix and the industry
  • [22:20] Competition: Agencies are entering the industry and capitalizing on the green rush
  • [24:13] You have to understand the customer and the challenges in your niche + Did you know your story and your relationship to the industry was going to help your agency?
  • [27:53] How to get in contact with Chris
  • [28:50] Who would be the perfect person to reach out to Chris and PrograMetrix?

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “The problem in the cannabis and CBD space is the duopoly, the Googles and Facebooks of the world, still deem cannabis as an illicit drug, so, therefore, you can’t leverage the two top technology platforms in the world if you’re a cannabis brand.”
  • “I’m hopeful that in the next few years, more states with have access to the plant and that we’ll be able to do it responsibly, and that that business component and legalization will also help some of the cultural injustice that have been brought upon individuals who were in the cannabis industry five, ten, twenty years ago when it was looked at in a different light.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Chris Shreeve is a digital advertising and software sales veteran, with experience ranging from online media to lead generation software services for agencies and advertisers. His expertise spans across a diverse range of verticals but he has developed his strongest partnerships over the years in Sports & Entertainment, Higher Education, Travel, Healthcare, and Finance.

He prides his work on building strong, long-term relationships that help brands of all sizes enhance their online presence. Chris accomplishes this by understanding his clients’ key business needs, challenges, and goals while applying a comprehensive strategic plan to provide unique solutions to address each business need.

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