Are you driving your employees to quit?

Like most agency owners, I kind of started out as a terrible manager. I’ve made so many mistakes when it comes to managing people. I know that I’ve lost great people because I sucked at managing them. I’m not a born leader; this was definitely something I had to learn over time.

Not necessarily a fun topic to talk about but the reality is – retaining your employees is one of the most important keys for your agency this 2022.

If you’re recognising that your team members are leaving and you can’t necessarily figure out why and you think the reason might be you or you’re not a born leader, this episode is definitely going to be for you. Here are five reasons why you’re driving your employees to quit.

Discussion Points:

00:00 Introduction
01:37 What Is It Like Starting An Agency?
03:02 The First Reason: You’re Very Disorganized & Undisciplined
05:38 The Second Reason: You’re Emotionally Unstable
08:23 The Third Reason: You Talk Badly About Your Employees Behind Their Backs
11:33 The Fourth Reason: You Get Too Excited About Things
14:19 The Fifth Reason: You’re Constantly Chasing Shiny Objects 
18:09 Recap
18:54 Outro