Welcome back to Operation Agency Freedom! Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Cliff Pollard, a branding expert with an intriguing journey. Without a conventional agency background, Cliff has cracked the branding code and shifted the paradigm in his business, Unlimited Fix.

Cliff shares his expertise on the importance of brand polish and how it reflects on the service provided by a company. We discuss the need for a discovery and strategy phase in branding, as well as the significance of having a proven process and measurable results.

But that’s not all! Cliff also shares his journey from being an interactive designer to starting his own business, Unlimited Fix. We get a behind-the-scenes look at his experience working at different agencies and how those experiences shaped him as an entrepreneur.

Plus, we explore the unique dynamic of Cliff working with his spouse, who is the head of accounts in their agency. They share their insights on building a successful working relationship as a couple and balancing work and personal life.

So, whether you’re an agency owner, a marketing professional, or simply curious about the agency world, you won’t want to miss this engaging and insightful conversation as we’re going to unpack the importance of cracking the branding code. Grab your headphones and let’s dive into this exciting interview on Operation Agency Freedom!

Discussion Points

00:00 Intro

03:19 Animation grind led to web design career.

11:25 Started with print, went digital, grew popular.

15:11 Companies change direction without communication, causing frustration.

18:29 The bigger picture.

21:24 Branding is crucial, don’t overlook it

23:06 Aim to be transparent and adaptable.

28:36 Working with spouse

33:22 Connection, fights, bond, building life together.

37:17 Outro


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