Feeling a bit curious about how AI’s shaking up the agency world and the future of small agencies? You’re in the right place, my friend.

This one’s a goldmine – Kasim Aslam drops by to chat about the wild ride of selling his company, Solutions 8, to an AI-backed titan. Get this – the journey was more about aligning with the universe than just cashing in big. And the best part? He’s sticking around as the CEO.

We’re gonna dive deep into how small agencies can stay afloat (spoiler: think nimble and AI-savvy) and why Kasim’s betting big on AI-driven services. We’re also touching on how advancements are pumping up efficiency in everything from copywriting to event managing. 

But it ain’t all rainbows – with AI stepping into jobs, we’re hashing out the need for agencies (and all of us, really) to pivot and innovate or risk becoming space dust.

So, if your brain’s itching for insights on navigating the agency cosmos with AI as your co-pilot, and you wanna hear how Kasim rocked a multi million deal, then buckle up, my friend; this episode’s for you!

And hey, want to trail Kasim’s journey even after we sign off? Swing by his socials at @Kasimaslam. 

Discussion Points

00:00 Intro

04:46 Exciting plans to discuss marketing strategies.

08:36 Decided to sell, universe aligned, successful exit.

10:46 Market shift, leaving money, financial advice essential.

14:26 Google builds campaigns, manual intervention more effective.

18:32 Shifted to consulting to help agencies survive AI.

20:09 Attribution discrepancy requires human intervention for AI optimization.

26:24 AI improves processes, faster and more efficient.

29:07 Outro


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