Our Guest: Jordan West, Founder, and CEO of Mindful Marketing

In this episode, Jordan West discusses his experience in business, from owning a taco shop to growing seven-figure ecommerce businesses, detailing what has led to his success and what the future holds for his agency. He divulges the secrets behind Mindful Marketing’s largest sale ($250,000 in 24 hours) and opens the door for email marketing agencies to connect with him about a potential acquisition.

Listen in to learn from an ecommerce expert what’s working for online brands right now and how you can find entrepreneurial success by building efficient and effective systems.

Conversation Highlights

  • Lessons learned from buying a taco franchise
  • How Jordan got into helping ecommerce businesses grow
  • Seeing success in building systems
  • 3 tactics that are working really well for ecommerce businesses: Brand, a solid offer and a high frequency of impressions per user
  • Jordan is dipping his toes into M&A
  • The value in joining a mastermind group

Key Podcast Moments

  • [1:52] Roundtable Discussion: Jordan bought a taco restaurant in his early 20s as a full-time paramedic
  • [5:31] Roundtable Discussion: Their offerings + The taco scene in Canada
  • [6:52] Roundtable Discussion: The #1 book on marketing Jordan grabbed when getting into business
  • [7:42] Roundtable Discussion: Get into a mastermind!
  • [8:27] What does Mindful Marketing do?
  • [9:27] The origin story of Jordan’s agency
  • [11:42] What led him to niche down + The benefits of having a podcast
  • [13:03] How they executed a massive sale ($250,000 in 24 hours)
  • [15:52] Did you completely sell out?
  • [16:21] You don’t have to have Facebook ads for launches
  • [17:57] How have you transferred your own success to your clients?
  • [18:10] Things that are working really well for ecommerce brands + October was a bad month…
  • [21:56] How Jordan stays sharp on marketing tactics
  • [22:56] What does the future hold for Mindful Marketing?
  • [24:39] The inspiration behind and value in the Mindful Marketing Mastermind
  • [27:59] X-rated cakes?
  • [28:49] How to connect with Jordan + The perfect person to reach out to him today

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “Using this methodology and building up your list really can allow you to not spend as much and then just be more profitable.”
  • “Life is just so different now that we’re niched down… we’ve seen the success from niching down, especially in our services and in who we serve, and it’s night and day.”
  • “I’m not a systems guy, I’m not good at that stuff. Luckily, my business partner is… so we’ll have sessions where we just sit down and he just asks me a bunch of questions and then he’ll write out a whole system for our ad account managers and Facebook managers… and all those guys, then we’ll start implementing it and generally, that’s where we’ve really seen the success.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Jordan West started in marketing at 22 when he bought a Taco Del Mar chain restaurant. The learning curve was large but after 5 years he had tripled the sales at the restaurant with creative marketing tactics. After selling the store Jordan and his wife grew their children’s clothing company Little & Lively from a small at home operation to one of the “top ten baby brands in Canada” with advanced digital marketing techniques. Jordan’s business passion is helping e-commerce brands grow exponentially.

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