Our Guest: Mike Arce, the CEO, and Founder of Loud Rumor

At times, getting clients for your agency can be a challenge. We invest our time in developing funnels, social media marketing, and retargeting. Despite these efforts, we end up generating a few leads.

Other times we focus on selling our services or products to everyone. We believe in carrying our eggs on different baskets. Even with this approach, hitting a six-figure profit remains a nightmare.

In this episode, Mike Arce opens up to us on the secret behind his success in fitness marketing. Arce shares the power behind cold calling and niching as well as practical lessons for transforming your agency business.

Conversation highlights

  • Round table discussion: dog training
  • The Loud Rumor story: elevator pitch
  • Attributes to your business milestones
  • Cold calling: the Loud Rumor’s success secret
  • Birth of GSD show
  • Biggest flops in the Mike Arce journey
  • Approached marketing as a lead generator

Key Podcast Moments

  • [1:12] Roundtable discussion: the dog training experience
  • [6:05] Roundtable discussion: applying lessons from dog training in the people management.
  • [7:20] Loud Rumor story: What does the agency do?
  • [11:41] What attributes to your business milestones?
  • [13:57] Cold calling the magic to Loud Rumor’s success.
  • [20:15] What you need to run a successful agency?
  • [21:10] How the GSD show started.
  • [23:34] What are some of your biggest flops?
  • [28:20] Approached marketing as a lead generator.

Magical Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “It is so much easier to sell to a niche than it is to sell to abroad.”
  • “People love to buy, but they hate to be sold.”
  • “The reason people might be going is because you’re thinking about how you do what I do. What you should be thinking is what could I do that nobody’s doing?”
  • “I’ve learned that you might not always realize what was the cause of the flop immediately, but maybe somewhere down the line.”
  • “You have to pick a niche that you can stay with consistently for a long time and be passionate about.”
  • “People like to be sold, they just don’t like to be sold garbage.”

Resources Mentioned

About our Guest

Mike Arce is the CEO, founder of Loud Rumor, and the host of GSD show who turned his passion for health fitness and wellness into a successful fitness marketing agency.

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