Our Guest: Alex Schlinksy, Founder of Prospecting on Demand/Sky Social Media, LLC

In this impactful episode, Alex Schlinksky shares the powerfully motivating story of his business’ “why” and the biggest obstacle to entrepreneurial success. Alex also talked about how he learned to pick himself (and his business) up after losing his father, mismanaging an agency and starting an agency from scratch

Be sure to listen in on the powerful story in the “Roundtable Discussion.”

Conversation Highlights

  • Being truthful about the ups and down of the entrepreneur’s journey
  • How a college student became a social media marketing expert for an attorney
  • How a chance encounter led to a college graduate owning a complete agency
  • The importance of clarity in a business
  • The biggest obstacle that entrepreneurs face that blocks their growth

Key Podcast Moments

  • [1:32] Roundtable Discussion: Picking yourself up when your hero is no longer there with you
  • [9:00] Roundtable Discussion: Learning from life’s empty and depressing moments
  • [13:15] The origin story of Alex’s origin story
  • [14:00] The moment Alex owned the title “agency owner”
  • [22:00] Coaching other business: What are the top problems entrepreneurs are having?
  • [25:00] The biggest obstacles entrepreneurs face in growing their business + personal challenge

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “The 1% is all the highlights. The rest is all the garbage you have to sift through to get there.”
  • “Success is a subjective definition.”
  • “No one can determine your success”

Resources Mentioned

Prospecting on Demand

About Our Guest

Alex Schlinksy is a college student who worked as a social media manager while in college and turned his skills in marketing and knowledge of psychology to launch Prospecting on Demand, LLC, a business coaching course for entrepreneurs.

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