Our guest: Chris Ronzio, Founder and CEO of Trainual, Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker and Author

In this impactful episode, Chris Ronzio shares his empowering story of success, how he started with a video company at the age of 14 and left it to start Trainual. Chris also talked about how he gradually learned to scale up his business and to bring it to the level it is today.

Tune in and listen to the empowering story of Chris Ronzio in the “Roundtable Discussion”

Conversion highlights:

  • How he started his show from the cable station
  • How the opportunity given to him by his high school was a turning point in his journey
  • How he got the idea for Trainual
  • Scaling up of his business
  • Hurdles faced by him as he proceeded
  • Future of Trainual

Key podcast moments:

  • [00.01.02] – “Roundtable Discussion”:- About Chris’s childhood and technological advancement
  • [00.06.47] – “Roundtable Discussion”:- Discusses about his entrepreneurial journey, how he started his video company at the age of 14.
  • [00.07.34] – How his school gave them their big break
  • [00.10.44] – Discusses what he did before starting Trainual.
  • [00.13.04] – Shares with the audience how he got the idea for Trainual and what Trainual does.
  • [00.17.40] – Shifting his focus completely on Trainual on January 2018.
  • [00.23.15] – Hurdles faced by Chris in his journey.
  • [00.26.19] – Future of Trainual

Magic Marketing Quotes from our guest;

  • “In the beginning you’ve got to hustle”
  • “If you can build a business that pay for itself in any given month and you can control the level of advertising, you can control how much you wanna burn, then it puts you in a really strong position”

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About our guest

Chris Ronzio was only 14 years old when he started his own video company. His big break was when he and his friend was offered to film the State Cheerleading Championship from their school. Before starting Trainual Chris had worked in five companies all of which gave him a lot of experiences as it was five different jobs with five different problems each day. With the experiences he gained, he shifted his complete focus on Trainual in January,2018. Trainual as it stands today helps growing businesses organize the chaos of onboarding and training while streamlining processes and procedures that makes it easier to scale.

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