If everybody is looking for talent in the same location, then the labor rates will certainly go up due to supply and demand. 

When I first started my digital agency my team was based in the Philippines. Eventually, I moved all my operations to Tijuana, Mexico, and it was an absolute game-changer.

This is why I love finding talent in hidden places, especially Mexico and Latin America, because they are an untapped resources that not many digital agencies know about.

If you’re an agency owner looking to grow your team, you’ll want to tune into this episode.

Discussion Points:

0:00 – Introduction 
02:24 – Chris’s First Agency Back Story
08:35 – Untapped Talents in Mexico & Latin America
10:10 – Benefit #1: Cheaper Cost of Living = Less Expensive Wage
13:31 – Benefit #2: Workable Time Difference
15:11 – Benefit #3: No Language Barriers
17:19 – Benefit #4: Exceptional Work Ethics
19:36 – Benefit #5: U.S. Travel Convenience and Vice Versa
21:15 – Final Thoughts
21:50 – Outro


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