Mike Brevick has fascinating insights on the power of attracting talent with shared values and scaling an agency with a focus on retaining its unique values.

In this episode, I spoke with Mike about him transitioning from a one-man show to delegating and leading a team. We also discuss the significance of attracting talent with shared values, building a team that aligns with your agency’s mission, work-life balance, setting boundaries, and the importance of trust within a team.

Don’t miss out as Mike sheds light on sticking to a plan amid pressures, hiring specialists instead of seeking unicorns, and empowering team members to excel in their roles. Mike brings a plethora of experience packed with challenges, success, and future plans in his agency, Cyberdogz.

Get on board as we unravel these and more in today’s episode!

Discussion Points

00:00 Intro

05:43 Motivated by others, committed to taking action.

08:36 Stop overthinking, focus on one talent.

12:05 Decreased involvement, more trust; celebrating employee growth.

14:50 Transitioning from teams to solo work is challenging.

16:25 Maintaining a light-hearted and fun culture.

20:39 Don’t let others’ opinions affect your vision.

25:50 Balancing work and family is challenging.

30:32 Flexible work hours allow constant support.

33:48 Collaboration, connection, comfort, fun, balance, teamwork.

40:46 Jump, plan, risk, go, succeed, overcome fear

43:46 Outro


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