Our Guest: Mike King, Founder & Managing Director of iPullRank

In this episode, Mike King discusses the value in iPullRank’s result-focused model of operation that’s based on deliverables, rather than hours worked or performance. He shares the unique story behind how ended up with a career in SEO while on tour as a rapper, as well as the most powerful lessons he’s learned along the way, touching on the significance of a company’s processes and the alignment of the company with its employees.

Tune in to learn how iPullRank gets quicker results for clients than other SEO agencies and one of the most frustrating things about SEO from the client’s perspective.

Conversation Highlights

  • Mike talks about his experience as a rapper and how that relates to marketing
  • Mike’s journey into the world of SEO
  • Lessons learned from Mike’s career path
  • Discerning iPullRank’s deliverable-based model from a performance-based model
  • The structure they have that creates quick wins for clients

Key Podcast Moments

  • [00:58] Roundtable Discussion: Mike’s relationship with rapping + How it taught him to be a marketer
  • [05:29] Roundtable Discussion: What about Wu-Tang enticed you?
  • [09:32] iPullRank’s unique value proposition
  • [11:38] How Mike got into the SEO industry
  • [18:43] The two biggest lessons Mike learned during his journey from employee to business owner
  • [22:01] iPullRank’s deliverable-based model
  • [24:48] Why so many SEO agents struggle
  • [25:48] Their structure of engagement that creates quick wins for clients
  • [27:13] Best ways to contact Mike + The perfect person to reach out to him today

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

“Process is everything… If you were to give me the same task five times, I would do it five different ways because I’m always looking for a better way to do it. That doesn’t necessarily work for the average person.”

“I think it just makes it a much better relationship between you and the client because you’re not just trying to prove to them that you did work every month. You’re instead saying okay, we did all this analysis, these are the next steps that we need to execute on, we’re also going to help you make those things happen, and then we have a fixed cost associated with it.”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

The Founder and Managing Director of iPullRank, Michael King, has an extensive background in software, web development, and a proclivity for creative solutions. That experience has afforded him a track record of successfully coordinating the efforts of Creative, Strategy, Technical, and Paid Media Teams to achieve synergistic solutions in harmony with long-term client campaign goals for several Fortune 500 brands.

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