Our Guest: Neil & Amy Richmund, Owners of Neil Richmund Marketing

In this episode, Neil and Amy Richmund discuss what has helped their agency, Neil Richmund Marketing, thrive during the pandemic in 2020, as well as how they’re able to dynamically work together as life partners and business partners. They detail their process for coming up with needs-based solutions for customers, the advantages of expanding your team to allow a larger capacity of quality work, and the powerful impacts that shifting your mindset has on certain business processes. Neil and Amy also speak on how their roles in the company have changed over time while offering tried and true advice for couples who work together.

Conversation Highlights

  • How Neil and Amy got into marketing + Why they decided to work together
  • Their keys to success in working and growing their business during covid-19
  • Tips for how to run a business effectively with your partner and overcome fear around intimidating projects/tasks

Key Podcast Moments

  • [02:16] Roundtable Discussion: Neil and Amy’s background in ministry and education
  • [04:41] Roundtable Discussion: From burnout in LA to working at Starbucks in Indiana
  • [11:10] About Neil Richmund Marketing
  • [12:13] The biggest things that have helped their agency be successful in 2020
  • [13:46] Their process of listening to customers’ needs and responding to those needs with solutions + Why Neil expanded his team
  • [19:06] The marketing solutions their providing for education programs around the country
  • [19:29] How do you split the business responsibilities between the two of you?
  • [24:03] Advice for people who work with their spouse/partner
  • [27:13] Tips for starting a project that you’re scared to start
  • [30:27] How to contact Neil and Amy + The perfect person to reach out to them today

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “It doesn’t make sense to give a role to somebody that is not them.”
  • “The emotional support for a business owner is #1. The business will take care of itself if you take care of each other.”
  • “You don’t have to be the expert at it, but can you understand it well enough so that you can jump in on something when needed?”

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guests

Neil Richmund is a Marketer, Social Media Manager, and WordPress Website Developer. He owns and operates Neil Richmund Marketing and has over 15 years of experience as a chaplain/teacher in Christian high schools in California, Wisconsin, and Ohio. He has spent the last 11 years as a marketing consultant for small businesses, creating a full marketing strategy for those businesses, with a focus on digital marketing and online presence management. Neil has a particular passion for using marketing strategies to help advance the mission of nonprofit organizations and spread the word about what they can do to help the community. 

Amy Richmund is also an educator, having been a teacher in Wayne Township Schools for the first 17 years of her career, the most recent of which was as HSE Teacher Supervisor and Industry Specialist for Wayne Township Adult Education. These days, she works part-time for schools and full-time with her husband, Neil, as a content creator, project manager, and graphic designer at Neil Richmund Marketing, helping organizations engage with the community so they can make an impact, fulfill their purpose, and reach more people.

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