Our Guest: Omari Broussard, Owner of Leveraged Influence and 10X Defense

Learning how to work with the press is a dream of almost any agency, but the road to getting that press is far from smooth. In this episode, Omari Broussard shares information about the connection between the military and entrepreneurship, building your PR skills, and learning to own your journey to agency success.

Conversation Highlights

  • Is there a connection between the military and entrepreneurship?
  • Is there a benefit to PR?
  • Why is public relations so difficult?
  • How do you persist when things make your managing your agency so difficult?

Key Podcast Moments

  • [1:11] Roundtable Discussion: Omari’s background with the military
  • [1:35] Military and entrepreneurship
  • [4:28] Omari’s first business
  • [5:24] The difference between the military world and the business world
  • [13:46] What are the benefits for getting in the press?
  • [17:45] More on the challenges of using public relations
  • [21:18] What drives your persistence during bad days?

Magic Marketing Quotes from our Guest

  • “The military conditions you for the challenges of entrepreneurship, but it’s up to the member to get the specific skills.”
  • “I believe most entrepreneurs buy into this dream that’s being advertised that ‘I can do the f**k whatever I want.”
  • “There’s a barrier to entry because media outlets get hundreds of requests a day.”
  • “You gotta pick a media outlet that actually has your audience.”
  • “I’m on my journey.”
  • “Ten to fifteen years is the game.”  

Resources Mentioned

About Our Guest

Omari Broussard is a former Navy CPO who is the founder of 2 businesses, 10X Defense and Leveraged Influence  a speaker, and an author.

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